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A Look Into IoT Startup Trends

Startups: The New Kings On The IoT Block A Look Into IoT Startup Trends Contents 1. Setting The Scene - 2. Startupbootcamp & Intel® 3. Startups: The New Kings On Introduction Collaboration The IoT Block We briefly look at some of the An overview of the collaboration What are the opportunities and key opportunities and challenges between Startupbootcamp and challenges facing startups within ® facing the Internet of Things Intel in accelerating IoT startups. the IoT space? Revolution. Within the tech, To understand the state investment and of the Internet of Things corporate scene the within the startup space, potentially disruptive this white paper looks nature of the Internet at data captured from of Things revolution has hundreds of early-stage been widely debated startups between 2014 - 4. The Industries IoT Startups 5: Startups in Action - Startup 6: A Look Into 2016 And and embraced. 2015, and reviews some Want To Shake Up Founders Share Their Journey Beyond We have witnessed of the highlights, insights how connected devices and takeaways from the have crept into our data. What are the most popular Three IoT startups share how their Key takeaways from data captured homes, buildings, Additionally, we look at industries early-stage IoT startups companies are solving real-world from 100 startups and a look transport, and even real-life case studies of are looking to shake-up? problems. ahead into 2016. jewelry. As the industry’s existing IoT startups, impact becomes clear and how organizations to governments and such as Startupboot- corporations alike, camp and Intel are we look at the ways accelerating these in which early-stage early-stage startups startups are getting within the IoT landscape. involved in shaping the future of the industry. 3

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1. Setting The Scene From Miniscule Chips To Mammoth Machines “Existing industry The “Internet of Things” is Social alignments in IoT today exploding. It is made up of billions are as important as technical ecosystems will be of “smart” devices - from miniscule alignments. chips to mammoth machines - Existing industry ecosystems will disrupted less by that use wireless technology to be disrupted less by technological talk to each other (and to us). capabilities and more by the technological capabilities Our IoT world is growing at a alliances, partnerships, and breathtaking pace, from 2 billion communities formed in part by and more by the new objects in 2006 to a projected new startup businesses. 20 billion by 2020. That will be alliances, partnerships, around 3 smart objects for every The challenges for most startups human being on Earth! come in scaling from prototype and communities formed The promise of IoT is not just in to product manufacture, at scale. making our homes smarter or Findings from Intel Labs and Intel in part by new startup our phones more connected. The User Experience Research – as benefit of IoT is vastly amplified well as from workshops at the businesses.” when solutions are deployed University of Salzberg – stress the across factory, automotive, retail, importance of smoothing the path and healthcare settings. That is to product for new startups in because of the value in extracting order to achieve diverse scale. insights from aggregating disparate data streams. IoT provides the ability to track inventory, manage machines, increase efficiency, and even save lives. 4 5

2. 360° IoT Startup Acceleration A Collaboration That Gives 360° Acceleration To Startups Startupbootcamp IoT and Data of accelerating startups within Evangelism the Transportation and Energy industry. The Berlin-based program focuses on innovating entrepreneurs working within As part of their developer areas such as transportation, community evangelism program, Established in 2014, the Barce- logistics, information, energy and Intel runs dedicated workshops lona-based Startupbootcamp vehicles. and hackathons around the world. IoT & Data program accelerates Intel initiatives early-stage startups working on Intel IoT Ignition Labs Internet of Things and Smart Data In addition to collaborating with Solutions. As Startupbootcamp’s Startupbootcamp to accelerate most IoT-centric accelerator, it is Startups, Intel also has several aimed at developing startups from initiatives designed to support Intel’s IoT Ignition labs are a a wide range of sub-industries young companies within the IoT place for all organizations–from such as industrial, manufacturing, space. Some of these initiative are startups, SME’s and industrial healthcare, retail, media, explained briefly below. partners–to engage on new IoT “Our aim is to create entertainment finance, and many Intel IoT Developer Zone (IoT projects, to innovate, collaborate an environment In May 2015, Startupbootcamp hardware and at the software level. more. Zone) and scale. announced a global collaboration From product prototyping through Startupbootcmap Smart City By providing tools, training, that enables a 360° project with Intel. The initiative to production, the Internet of Things and Living technology and engineering was designed to accelerate and is a fast-paced marketplace suited expertise, the labs are designed to acceleration for IoT- scale startups within Startupboot- to startups and Intel is doing all we This platform is designed as Intel’s take new projects into commercial camp’s portfolio companies, can to fuel it,” said Scott Mordue, online community; from newbies deployment at an accelerated focused entrepreneurs through a unique mix of access IoT Developer Marketing at Intel. to makers and professional pace. Moreover, companies not to technology, expert-driven developers. In addition to only get hands-on with the latest and startup teams mentorship and tailored insights Started in 2015, the Amsterdam detailed product information technology solutions, but they into solutions, which help optimize Internet Of Things Focused based Startupbootcamp Smart and how-to-guides and videos also get access to matchmaking around the world.” startup operations. Accelerator Programs City & Living program is designed on Intel’s comprehensive range across Intel’s enviable ecosystem, By bringing together Startupboot- Startupbootcamp–a global to accelerate startups working of IoT platforms, there are code exposure to POCs (Proof of camp’s industry-focused network of accelerator programs– on sub-industries including samples and libraries, software Concepts) and use cases from acceleration programs with Intel’s runs 12 industry-focused Smart Health, Smart Homes, and hardware support, sample their peers, and advice on how to renowned technology, our aim programs around the world. Smart Government, Smart Retail, projects, events listings such take their solutions to market. is to create an environment that Some of these programs focus on Mobility, and Smart Grid. as hackathons or roadshows, enables 360° acceleration for refining, accelerating and scaling Startupbootcamp whitepapers, and other resources. Currently there are eight IoT IoT-focused entrepreneurs and startups working in the Internet Transportation & Energy This site collectively functions as Ignition labs in EMEA: Dublin, startup teams around the world. of Things space. In the following the ultimate knowledge-hub for all Ireland; UAE, Dubai; Istanbul, section we will briefly explain the types of developers and makers. Turkey; Haifa, Israel; Stockholm, “The collaboration between Intel, various initiatives taken by the two Sweden; Moscow, Russia; Munich, Startupbootcamp and the startups organizations in accelerating IoT Germany; and Swindon, UK. we serve has enabled some startups. Startupbootcamp Transportation innovative projects, delivering and Energy program was cutting-edge solutions both at the launched in 2014 with the aim 6 7

3. Startups: The New Kings On The IoT Block Potential And Impact Of Startups Sectors Ripe for Startup IoT From a startup perspective, this Startupbootcamp accelerator innovation means abundant opportunities programs. The following sections Additionally, Gartner predicts that to shape and innovate in sectors will share key insights from the by 2020 there will be 20 billion traditionally not known for captured data. connected devices. These smart innovation are. Nevertheless, devices, however, go beyond our with new opportunities come smartphones and watches. They challenges - both for these new extend to factories, healthcare, innovators and the industries they manufacturing, and many more. are working in. Indeed, according to Intel, the To understand the current Internet of Things industry could landscape of the startup IoT be worth $ 6.2 trillion by 2025; space, we have looked at data with manufacturing, healthcare, captured from hundreds of retail, security and transportation startup companies that have taking the lead. applied to three IoT-focused Word cloud based on the markets “Gartner has predicted startups reported to be working on In recent years, the potential, Furthermore, a report published that by 2017, 50% of IoT impact and market value of the in October 2015 by the market Internet of Things has been at research company indicated solutions will come from the forefront of conversations. the top 100 IoT startups in the From dubbing IoT as the next big world had a combined funding startups.” industrial revolution, to predicting of $6.19 billion. According to CBI the impact the industry will have Insights, IoT startups received the on every aspect of society, to highest in funding deals involving estimating its trillion-dollar market corporate investors–during value, it’s clear that the industry is the third quarter of 2015. The ripe with opportunity. research company also reported Established technology giants, and that Intel Capital was the most forward-thinking corporations active corporate investor. have moved quickly to claim It’s not surprising then that the their place in the development widely published research from and adoption of things and Gartner© has predicted that by devices connected to the internet. 2017, 50% of IoT solutions will However, the IoT industry has come from startups that are less another key player: startups. than three years old. There are 2284 IoT startups listed The company further states that © in the Mattermark database. it’s these young startups that will shape and pave the way for the mass adoption of IoT into businesses and by consumers alike. 8 9

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4. A Look Into 100 Early Stage IoT Startups 4.1 The Top Industries IoT Startups Want To Shake Up Communications and Communications 38% Infrastructure take the lead Out of the top 10 industries captured from the data, \ Communications and Infrastructure 38% Infrastructure took the top spot with 38% of the startups reporting to be working on products and solutions directly relating to these two sub- Transport 36% industries. Interestingly, neither of these industries specifically relate to the three accelerator programs we used for this data. Energy 22% Closely behind, at 36%, was Transportation, followed by Energy at 22%–both of which, it can be argued, reflect one of the programs’ very niche Industrial 19% “Based on the 100 Transportation & Energy focus. We have closely analyzed data Based on the 100 startups, The fifth sector which made our startups, we looked at captured from startups wanting to we looked at trends from the top 5 was Industrial, at 19%. join three different Startupboot- most popular sub-industries, Similar to Communications Data 18% trends from the most camp programs between 2014 to the countries and cities they and Infrastructure, accelerating and 2015. While all the programs were founded in, the age of the startups purely working on popular sub-industries.” have an industry focus, when companies, to the different ways Industrial IoT is not a focus for it came to IoT startups, it was users could interact with the any of the Startupbootcamp Retail 17% possible for startups to be products, and the number of programs. eligible to apply to a number of engineers the companies had. From the top five sectors, it’s Startupbootcamp programs. evident that the startups’ focus Moreover, while the three is as wide and diverse as the Home 13% accelerator programs we reviewed ever-growing uses cases for the each received hundreds of Internet of Things. applications, it was important for us to drill-down the data and extract the 100 most IoT-centric Health 9% startup companies. These were startups whose business model were driven by their desire to create solutions that connect Top 5 industries were: devices, sensors, objects, and Communications, Infrastructure, Security 8% networks to the internet. Transport, Energy, and Industrial 10 11

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4.2 The Top 5 Countries And Cities 4.3 Ways Of Interaction Italy 11% The data also showed the various United Kingdom 10% ways startups wanted users to Germany 10% interact with their solutions. Netherlands 10% 44% of the startups reported Spain 9% working on a solution where the main platform is mobile, while 28% reported working on a London 8% hardware product, and 27% on a Barcelona 6% desktop solution. Amsterdam 6% Berlin 5% Tel Aviv 4% “Looking closely at where What’s interesting about this For cities, the largest number of the startups were founded data is the fact that none of the IoT startups came from London, accelerator programs are based Barcelona, Amsterdam, Berlin or were based at the in Italy–eliminating potential local and Tel Aviv. Crucially, while the time of application, we bias. However, it’s important to top four places were cities with mention possible external factors a Startupbootcamp program, received applications from that could influence this: Arduino, applications were received from the open-source computer 62 different cities, indicating a 25 different countries. The hardware and software company, wider and more dispersed IoT highest proportion came was founded in Italy and could startup interest. have inspired the hardware-maker from Italy, at 11%.” movement within the region. 12 13

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4.4 Engineers As Majority 4.5 Age Of Startups Another data set that gave an interesting insight, was how long the teams were working on their startup before applying. Granted, accelerator programs are specifically designed for early-stage companies ready to scale, yet almost 40% of the companies had been working on their solution for between 6-12 months while another 30% reported to having been working on their business for 1-2 years prior to applying. Only 6.98% of the companies working on their business for more than 2 years. It’s the team that makes or breaks young startup companies. The average team size for the 100 startup companies reviewed was 5.4 members, of which just over 60% ENGINEERS 60% were engineers. This figure is slightly higher Less than 6 months compared to data from other programs, where the average proportion of engineers per team 6 - 12 months is 58%. MEMBERS PER TEAM 5.4 1 - 2 years 2 - 5 years 14 15

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5. IoT Startups In Action Startup Founders Share Their Journey Making Big Data Small The Intelligent Light That Looks After Your Home Problem being solved Acceleration experience Gateway level, too; where data Problem being solved way, based on your movement self-presentation, ComfyLight was At Teraki, we provide software After completing the IoT is aggregated before being People want to start their day behaviour and without the need able to take a huge step forward. solutions that reduce and program, we moved to back to transmitted in to the network. in a warm secure home. And to program a time switch. Your Collaboration with Intel optimize Big Data from Internet of Berlin - although we still have All these actions are scheduled to they want to have that same home seems always occupied, Things (IoT) sensors in an efficient a base in Barcelona. We joined be presented at the IoT Tech Expo good feeling when they come would-be intruders are deterred To allow us to establish way to enable intelligent actions. the Startupbootcamp program in London in February 2016. Intel’s back after a long day. However, and you feel safe. ComfyLight for a variety of to accelerate our business support is a great opportunity for current security solutions Moreover, ComfyLight reacts additional use cases, we are Our product is a two-part development while at the same Teraki to communicate about the are not providing this feeling. to intrusion, as it immediately currently evaluating the use software. The sensor side, an time solidifying our technology. benefits of our technology for real Furthermore, they are hard sends an alert to your phone if it of Intel IoT module Curie for adaptive selection encoder is cases and to facilitate our access to install, obtrusive, and fairly detects an unexpected presence, ComfyLight V2. deployed and decides intelligently to market. expensive. ComfyLight is a simple empowering you to take instant how to collect the data. Reduction Collaboration with Intel and elegant home security action. of up to 95% can be achieved solution, built in a smart, sensor- without additional computation Our collaboration with Intel Name: Teraki enriched lightbulb and controlled Acceleration experience resources. Only a fraction of includes several action lines to by a smart phone application. Startupbootcamp Smart City and Name: Comfylight AG the data is transmitted. On the showcase the benefits of Teraki Location: Barcelona and Berlin Living program helped transform Location: Zurich platform side, a decoder receives Technology. We are collaborating Founded: 2014 When you are away, ComfyLight ComfyLight AG from a university this information to re-build the around Intel Edison Module to protects your home by automatic project to a real startup. Based Founded: 2015 full dataset for visualization and showcase Teraki technology at Program: IoT & Data presence simulation. It is the on Startupbootcamp’s experience Program: Smart City and Living analysis. the device level. Also, we have first solution which simulates in financing, team recruiting and started to collaborate at the Website: your presence in a 100% realistic Website: 16 17

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8. A Look Into 2016 And Beyond Solutions For Academics, Researchers and Makers Problem being solved Smart Cities, Healthcare, Smart Collaboration with Intel The aim of this report was to the world, nor all the industries governments and corporations In today’s world, where it’s Lighting, Logistics, and Industry. We are currently exploring look at key trends from three new IoT projects will affect. What alike will continue adoption of and important to innovate, more Acceleration experience different scenarios and startup accelerator programs it does give, however, is an insight investment in the sector. companies from different possibilities to cooperate with between 2014 and 2015. into the solutions proposed by At Startupbootcamp, with the industries want to start We were looking for an Intel, not only in terms of With IoT and innovative startups 100 early-stage startups. additions of new industry-specific developing their own connected acceleration program specifically hardware development, but playing a key role in the ways From the data, one thing became accelerator programs in areas products, introducing themselves for IoT companies. We felt also in terms of community in which modern society will clear; new IoT startups are such as Digital Health, Insurance, in a process that is different to being introduced to potential empowerment. We think Intel transform in the next few years, ambitious and forward-thinking in and Fintech, we’re excited to see what they used to do. mentors, partners, investors, and is more agile than other big it was interesting to find the working on solutions that have the the types of IoT solutions the 2016 customers focused on IoT was a corporations; they are very industries the startups were potential to shake-up everything startups will develop. We help companies connect their good reason to join the program. well organized, and this makes leaning towards with their new from communications and products to the Internet, giving The experience helped us validate them great at reacting quickly to ventures, and how this fit with the transportation to industrial and Health tech, wearables, insurance, them connectivity and all the and iterate our plan faster and customer needs. wider expert predictions about healthcare. connected cars and homes are technical support to design and smarter. This strategy brought the future of IoT. five industries we are really produce this in the most efficient us new projects where we are Name: Zolertia As some industry analysts excited about, and we slook way. We enable our customers producing a large amount of IoT By focusing on three Startupboot- predict, 2016 might be the year forward to seeing what solutions to bring their products to the hardware units in concrete vertical Location: Barcelona camp industry-focused programs, that the Internet of Things truly the new generation of startups IoT world as soon as possible, markets. Founded: 2014 we understand that the data becomes a household name. propose…. with minimum impact on their within this report is by no means Smart home and wearable business. Our main markets are Program: IoT & Data representative of all startups health tech devices will shift from Website: working on IoT solutions around novelties to must-haves, while 18 19

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